Get Organized

It’s important to understand how to best utilize different types of moving boxes and sizes before you start packing.

Small Boxes

Small boxes are great for small, heavy, and fragile items. These boxes prevent you from packing too many heavy or fragile things into one box, making it easier for you to move and helping to prevent any damage from being done to the items inside.

Medium Boxes

Medium-size boxes are perfect for slightly larger and lighter items, such as kitchen utensils, decorative accessories, toys, picture frames, and more!

Large Boxes

Large boxes are great for large, light, items. Computers and monitors, lamp shades, and speakers are examples items that make sense for a large box. Large boxes are also great for things like food containers.

Extra Large Boxes

Pillows, stuffed animal, linens, comforters, and towels are all great options for extra large boxes.